Our Vanilla Servers do not require any mods. However, if you have favorite pack of items that you want to bring to the battlefield, you can join with it. We allow any mods as long as they improve your gameplay without spoiling it for others. Therefore any mission tools that would influence the mission itself (MCC, debug console, Zeus spawner etc.) are forbidden.

Our Modded Server has a specific set of Mods available on Steam Workshop that are required to join. Based off of the mods TFT8 uses in it’s private server modpack, our focus is on quality coding and role specific assets.
You can easily subscribe to the mods through our Steam Collection available Here.

Private Server and all events hosted there require modpack that you will get access to when joining the unit. This pack is privately hosted on Steam Workshop to be as easy to install. This also allows for frequent updates without a need for members to run any additional installers or to copy any files.

Our modpack changes from time to time, but we have few core items that stay unchanged: