Join TFT8

In order to be eligible for membership you must:

  • Be an age of at least 16 years old or more
    You must be over 16 years of age at the time of applying TFT8. We hold character at a high standard, and if caught lying you would be removed from TFT8. Please do not waste your time or ours.
  • Have and use a working headset
    Please be aware, we require members to use Teamspeak 3, and enable Push-To-Talk while in game.
  • Speak and understand English
    It does not have to be your first language; however communication is essential for team based tactics, and English is our chosen standard.
  • Not be a member of another ARMA unit when applying and throughout their membership
    This includes any Altis Life, Arma 2, or Arma Day-Z/Epoch types of units. If you are unsure if a group you are a member of is considered one of these, please share their name and info in the “experience” section of answers and a recruiter will contact you.
  • Own a legal copy of ArmA 3 and Apex Expansion, and be willing to download and use mods.
    We use Apex assets and map frequently and just like Operation Arrowhead in the past, Apex becomes integral part of Arma 3. We use our own custom set of mods for Unit operations.
  • Be honest and mature
    When dealing with a community and a team, one’s character is important. Honesty is a must when depending on others and having others depend on you. Milsim¬†and battle tactics requires a maturity capable of completing the tasks and keeping immersion.
  • Choose a name
    You must choose a realistic surname. This does not have to be your real forename and surname, but it will be the name you are identified by in our unit from here on in. Whatever name you choose to enlist with must be plausible. You may not use names that reference cultural or fictional icons (e.g. from video games, cartoons, movies etc.).

I meet the above requirements