Task Force Tempor 8

Arma 3 Realism Unit

We strive to create the most enjoyable realistic military simulation experience we can achieve within the confines of ArmA III. We have a military structure and rules to go along with it. However we do not lose our heads by going "too far" with milsim as we must bear in mind that this is leisure.


Military simulation experience based on real-life examples. This includes a clear unit structure, assigned equipment and radio communication.
Discipline and respect towards the rank are not an end to themselves, but a means to run our realism unit more effectively.



Experienced cadre teach members necessary skills from the basics of combat, to the fine details of Special Operations tactics and strategy.
As you progress through training, you will gain access to additional knowledge and tools, enabling you to define yourself as a core member of your team.



From leading and teaching, to research and design. Able members have opportunities to assist in The Unit’s future as part of their squad, and in one of multiple S-Shops.
Activity and engagement doesn’t go unnoticed and can lead to a growth in involvement and responsibility.

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Mods used by the TFT8 include ACE3 for improvements in military simulation, Task Force Radio for authentic voice and radio communications, additional vehicles, units and more.
These help to create more authentic gameplay and are integral part of our training sessions and unit operations.

How to join

Fancy moves and K/D ratio are not our focus

If you are over the age of 16 and have respect, maturity and willingness to listen, follow, learn and lead as part of a team - you're the person we're looking for.

Make sure you have time to participate in trainings, missions and other important events and that you're not a member of another ARMA unit.

You should also know how to speak english, but you're reading this, so you probably have no problem with that.

Interested in joining? Place your application through our website also, you can talk to a recruiter on our discord or teamspeak.

  • Apply through our website or Discord or TS3

  • Go through the "introduction" phase

  • Get through our 4-step training program

  • Choose your Section and get assigned.



Contact us

If you want to join TFT8 come talk to us on Discord.