Career Opportunities

Career advancement in Task Force Tempor 8 is challenging, but not difficult. Attendance in Unit Operations, Training Exercises, and Unit Meetings all contribute to your success. Maturity and personal attitude are also important. Willingness to participate as a member of your team, to practice and learn new skills and tactics, and to contribute towards The Unit; all factor into your advancement.

After going through the recruitment process, you choose to join either our Infantry Section or Flight Detachment. In the air, you will go through crew school, and later if you fit the bill, pilot school. Each one provides advancement in position, knowledge and responsibility as you progress.

If you decide to stay on the ground, you’ll begin your journey as Light Infantry in a Rifleman role and attain practical knowledge to assist you in basic combat, Airborne and Communications training, and eventually the coveted Ranger Tab. Where desire and ability will enable you to be a part of the leadership, if the responsibility suits you.

Additionally, once attaining the rank of Private, you may increase your involvement in the unit by becoming a part of an S-Shop. Depending on your interests and abilities, you can select your specialization ( mission making, recruitment, media, etc. ) and help The Unit in building the best Arma 3 community we can be. When members attain the rank and responsibility of Specialist, they are obligated to join at least one S-Shop.