TFT8 ARMA III Server Information

Forum rules

All users of our servers (Teamspeak and ARMA 3) must respect and follow our rules to continue being welcome to our server:

  • Be respectful of each other, no racist language, insults or arguing.
  • Don't share any inappropriate content
  • Sound, spam, and demolition trolls will be dealt with.
  • Asking someone to join another server or giving out info for other servers strictly forbidden.
  • Recruiting for another gaming community, ARMA related or not, will result in an immediate kick from server.
  • Use of any 'hacks', duping mods, game exploits, or unauthorized Admin Tools or scripts is forbidden and a bannable offense.
  • No team killing in Co-Op game modes.
  • Pilots of any aircraft must be on our TS3 and in the appropriate Arma III Public Server Channel

Short and easy list to abide by, now go have fun!
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