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Forum rules
Welcome to the forums of TFT8!

General Forum Rules

  1. Do not post, link or otherwise share...
    • Pornographic, humiliating, racist, discriminatory, otherwise incendiary, gory or excessively violent content.
    • Any pirated material or copyright violation. No cracks, torrents etc.
    • Any form of malware including viruses, trojans, logging or tracking scrips.
    • Shortlinks (tinyurl,, ...). Use the [url=...]Title[/url] to shorten instead.
  2. This is a forum for gamers and MilSim enthusiasts. Please avoid controversial topics like politics, religious beliefs etc. If such topics do come up stay professional and do not escalate, regardless of your own opinions.
  3. We do not censor. You will, however, be warned and eventually removed for excessive language, personal insults etc.
  4. Be patient. Do not spam the same question in different places just because you received no answer for 6 hours.
  5. Please check if your topic or question is already being discussed elsewhere and if it is actually relevant before posting.
  6. Do not embed albums of pictures or videos in your posts - link to them in order to keep the threads clear.

  • Feel free to discuss anything and/or get yourself recruited in our public area.
  • Please follow the rules below. Listen to guidance or warnings given by moderators or admins.
  • If you need help check out the F.A.Q. and our help desk.
  • Enjoy your stay with the TFT8.

Unit Members:
  • Register with your TS3 surname and that only
  • Select your rank insignia as your avatar: User Control Panel -> Profile -> Edit Avatar -> Display Gallery
  • Our Standing Orders extend to these forums, act accordingly.
  • Keep in mind that everything in the Public Lounge section is openly visible. Be mindful of how you represent the unit.
  • Make sure to post topics in the right sections. Use the Private Message (PM) system to deal with smaller questions or issues.
  • Help us keep the forums tidy and up-to-date. Notify Command Staff or Admins if cleanup or thread moderation is needed anywhere.
  • It is strongly recommended that you activate "contact via email" and "information via email" (User Control Panel -> Board Preferences) .
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